Kayak Fishing Tours at Jaque, the Darien

We’re located at Jaque on the coast of the huge Darien Jungle. There are no roads here. You must arrive by plane or boat. It is the only coastal settlement between the Wounaan tribe village of Playa Muerto at Punta Garachine, and the Colombian border. That is over 120 nautical miles! This is a true wilderness experience and one of the last frontiers for adventure.

We love to fish but are involved in additional activites.
If it’s kayak exploration (coastline and up rivers), jungle adventure, surfing, SUP paddling, nature watching, meeting ethnic culture, and so much more, this is also the place to be!

Kayak Fishing Tours Panama
Jim Sammons kayak fishing in Panama, catching a Mahi Mahi

What’s the fishing like at Piñas Bay?

The coast of Darien is well known for its fishing. This area holds more than 300 IGFA records (International Game Fish Association).
Jaque, and our beachfront lodge, are situated just around the corner from Piñas Bay and the world famous sportsfishing resort, Tropic Star Lodge, with whom we partner on many of our trips.

The offshore fishing at the Zane Grey Reef is famous for its giant Marlin but when it comes to inshore fishing it gets to another level. There is an abundance of fish waiting for you at the coast of Darien!  (BIG: Roosterfish, Mahi Mahi, Amberjacks, Jacks, Cubera Snapper, Silky Snapper, Red Snapper, Yellowfin Tuna, Broomtail Grouper, Pink Grouper, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefin Trevally, and many, many more).

Fishing the Darien coast inshore is magical, with the rainforest as a backdrop, these rich and unexplored waters offer a perfect habitat for the wish list of your favorite fish!
You never know what will be waiting for you at the other end of the line. Get ready to have unexpected fights with monster fishes!

Discuss you dream trip

Most of our visitors come for the kayak fishing but a broader itinerary is available, or another specialised activity. Maybe your interests are in another area … and you love SUP trips and surfing, or want to experience the jungle and meet people from indienous tribes.

Get in touch and discuss activities, dates, number of people and price. You will see more information below but we look forward to talking and agreeing the agenda.

The lodge can host up to 8 people maximum, sharing dorm bedrooms. The trips are often attended by individuals or pairs of friends. A larger group of friends, or a family, could have the lodge exclusively to themsleves.

Contact Hennie

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The fishing kayak fleet

Our fleet of kayaks is comprised of modern fishing kayaks with pedal-power that leave both hands free to fish, and lightweight fibreglass fishing surf-skis. brand new Bonafide P127 & Stealth Supalite & Evolution fishing kayaks.

  • Brand new Bonafide P127 kayaks are our our stable, hands-free fishing kayak. They are made 100% in the USA.
  • Stealth Kayaks are fabricated in South Africa, and we fish with the «Evolution» model. These fast, lightweight, vacuumed fibreglass kayaks evolved from the surf-ski, a class of offshore racing kayak designed for paddling in the roughest waters in the world. They were broadened slightly, generous stowage hatches installed, rod holders, and become these incredible fishing machines. You will love them!
  • We are accompanied by a ‘panga’ support boat.
  • Hobie Kayak models are used in some places. The Hobie Compass or Hobie Outback.

«Imbua Bua» Lodge

This beautiful house is situated on a 1 acre property right next to the beach. It has breathtaking west sunsets over the Jaque river mouth.

The lodge has two bedrooms, both with A/C and en-suite bathrooms, that can accommodate up to 8 guest if needed. Usually less. The lounge and kitchen areas are spacious. Much of the social time is normally spent sat out on the covered terrace, or relaxing in the hammocks there.

  • Food and Beverages: The menu includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, soft drinks, coffee and tea. In the morning there will be a coffee and tea station.
  • Breakfast: From fresh fruits, a bowl of milk with cereal to an omelet, we will have something delicious for you in the morning before you embark on your day!
  • Lunch: Being served normally on the beach lunch will always be something light and refreshing, tuna salad, chicken wraps, salads, boiled eggs, sandwiches and fruits will always be part of our menu.
  • Sunset Drinks:
  • Dinner: Catch of the day will be prepared for you by our chef. You also will be able to learn about local dishes, such as patacones, ceviches, sancochos and special rices cooked on firewood and more!

Videos of Recent Kayak Fishing Trips

By watching these videos, you will learn about what is on offer and get a glimpse of the trip options available. Dont hesitate to contact if you have questions!

Kayak Fishing Tours Panama